Corporate and school activities

There is no better place to reconnect with friends and colleagues!



New World Rafting is the ideal place to spend some quality time with colleagues. Located on a beautiful site and operated by our energetic team of professionals, New World Rafting has adapted its rafting activities to meet the needs of businesses. Come and enjoy this unique experience and our on-site facilities, where you can:

  • Host a day of TEAM BUILDING on the Rouge River to strengthen relationships between co-workers.
  • Organize a social activity to let loose with your friends or colleagues.
  • Combine a half-day of work/training with a half-day on the river.
  • Round out your day with a great meal and an evening of dancing and music at our bar.
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School Groups

Rafting with school groups is a great way to introduce students to the world of white-water activities. They will get a chance to learn basic safety rules and rafting techniques in a very safe environment.

This rafting experience will help students understand rivers and rapids better and to respect rushing water and basic safety rules that need to be adopted.

Three types of runs are available:

  • Initiation to rafting on Class 1 and 2 rapids.
  • Rafting adventure on Class 1 to 4 rapids.
  • White water rescue course with certification (Class 1 and 2).
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Several packages are available for all types of rafting and river adventures.

Contact Gilles Talbot at for more information, or use our contact form.