Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about Rafting Nouveau Monde activities: the real white water rafting on the Red River, near Montreal and Ottawa!

You can be between 7 and 9 people per boat, in addition to your guide.

Good weather, bad weather, we go on the river. One of the pleasures of rafting is to be wet, so it’s a great activity to do despite the rain.

We welcome you in the morning with a speech on the course of your day. Then you will get changed and take possession your river equipment. You take the bus to the starting point. A security speech will be given before the launch.

You will make a first run from 1h30 to 2h. A light snack will be served. Then you will do your second run. When you return to base camp, you get about 45 minutes to change, enjoy the facilities, take a shower.

Before or during dinner, there will be photo presentation of your expedition.

Absolutely. You can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or more. There is no minimum or maximum limit for rafting. If you are a small group, we introduce you to others and you get to make friends for the day!

The lunch served on the riverside consists of a sandwich, fruits, raw vegetables, juices and water. In the spring, soup and hot chocolate are also available. The dinner includes a choice of steak or salmon, salad, vegetables, potatoes, rice and dessert.

La Rouge is an exceptional river because it gives us good rafting throughout the season. In the spring, the water is very high due to melting snow. So, logically, the water is also very cold. But the adventurous who love thrills will brave the temperature and rapids of the Canyon section!

Then comes the month of June. We are usually at the opening of the Seven Sisters. We must not forget that everything depends on Mother Nature! At this time, there is again a high water flow, but warmer water, because the Red River has the particularity of warming up very quickly.

In the summer, we use both sections, Canyon for Family Rafting and Seven Sisters for Sport Rafting. The water level varies according to Mother Nature. This is the perfect time for a new rafting experience.

In the fall, beautiful colors in the valley of the Red River give us the chance to go rafting in an exceptional panorama!

Rafting requires no experience. Our qualified guides will be happy to introduce you to their favorite sport!

You must still meet the basic requirements: 12 yrs old and over for sport rafting and 6 yrs old and over for family rafting and swimming.

And above all, wanting to spend an exceptional day!

Family rafting is practiced on the upper section of the Red River: the White Dog. It is normally open from late June to early September and is available to anyone with 6 yrs old and more. There are class I to II rapids. Family rafting is the activity of choice for families with young children.

Sport rafting is open from the end of April to the end of October. There are class III to V rapids, depending on the section and water level.

Rafting Nouveau Monde is only 1 hour away from Montreal and Ottawa.

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